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Since this is the very first post on our very brand new site for a very brand new agency… it only seems fitting to start out by expanding upon who we are, what it is that we do, and why we are so much different. Kind of like an “About us” on steroids. To start with, we are not what you consider an “Average” agency. In many way’s we are not an agency at all. We are a collaboration of people who’s goal is to jump in an help any way we can. ANY way we can.

So let’s start at the beginning –

Who We Are

My name is Eric Willis (writing this here post). And I am an overachiever. Not in the traditional kiss ass way. Instead I over achieve at learning and doing new things. Over the years I have studied anything that interests me.  Most recently, I taught myself about technology, coding, and programming. And I have been helping companies large and small build their technology assets as a full stack engineer.

But I have also taught myself everything I could about music, movies, tv, art, marketing, business, construction, woodworking, metal smithing, and changing diapers.

The rest of us are more of a collective of creatives, marketers, business experts and humans that have banded together to form the worlds greatest digital agency.

Being Awesome

So what makes us awesome? What makes us un-average? It is how we approach everything we do.

Most agencies focus on creative things. Most of what they do is centered around how cool their work can be. And a lot of them do their work very well. Our agency however focuses on doing what works. We take a look at every problem and ask, “how can me make this WORK the best?” instead of “how can we make this look the best?”

Don’t get me wrong, we make sure that quality and aesthetic are big priorities. But our focus is on making sure everything we do works, that it has the intended outcome.

In future posts, we will expand on the concept of doing what works. So for now, we leave you with this:

Have you had a bad experience with an agency before? We’d like to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks – EW

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